How To Sell Your Home During The Winter Months

How To Sell Your Home During The Winter Months

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There is no question about it, it takes more finesse to sell your home during the winter than it does during months where you have things growing and looking their best.

People generally sell their homes in spring or fall but sometimes selling in the winter months is a necessity. Plus, with all the websites and apps available, it has never been easier to get your property for sale in front of potential home buyers, even in those cold, barren months of winter.

Since there are less homes for sale during the winter, you will have less competition, which is always a good thing. And while your home will not have the blooms and all that good stuff that makes a property look great, no one is expecting you to have flowers in the middle of winter, so for the most part you will get a pass.

Even with all that said, there are some tips you should employ to make sure that your listing sells, even in winter:

Is your home accessible?

If it has snowed or you have a lot of ice outside, it is imperative that you clear the driveway and any walkways or stairs. If a potential buyer has even the slightest chance of walking there, you need to clear it.

Keep the home warm

First impressions matter. There is no way around that fact. If potential homebuyers walk into a freezing cold home, their first impressions are not going to be good. Keep the home nice and toasty, this will make it feel welcoming and homey.

Just don’t keep it too hot because many of those who come to see the home will keep their jackets on.

Show off your winter perks

If you have fireplaces in your home, light them. Everyone loves a fire burning in a fireplace in the winter. Everyone. It provides a level of comfort and warm ambiance that is hard to beat.

Be sure to discuss the use of the fireplace with your real estate agent and if you haven’t been using it, make sure you get it cleaned before you light it. Your property will be worth less if the house on it has burned to the ground.

If you plan on using the fireplace as a way to help sell your home during winter, you will want to be sure you are stocked up on wood and kindling. And a way to light the fire of course.

Outside attributes still matter

During the warmer months of the year homeowners show off their decks and yards through good landscaping. This is a lot trickier during the winter months. Still, people will want to see the outdoor space you have available to get a feel for what it will be like during the warmer seasons.

If any aspects of the landscaping or yard, for example a pool or hot tub, is not visible from inside the home be sure to highlight it in your marketing materials. People are less likely to tour the grounds in the winter but those are still key selling points so make sure they know they are there.

Remember these tips, they could have a direct impact on whether or not you sell your home during winter months.

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