These 3 Things Can Affect Your Moving Estimate

These 3 Things Can Affect Your Moving Estimate

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Too many people are surprised at the fees they find tacked onto their moving bill. If you want to get an estimate that actually means something there are a few things that you need to know.

Just as with anything else, setting a budget for moving is important. You need to get a proper estimate right off the bat. The problem is that this is often harder than it seems.

Most movers calculate the cost of moving by the weight of your items and the distance to your new home. That said, there are many other factors that can seriously affect your bottom line.

Here is a list of some of the things that can affect your moving estimate:

Moving services

There are many aspects to moving and if you want the moving company to take care of them all, such as packing your items, loading and unloading etc. and if you want them taken care of, the cost can really add up.

Committing to doing some of the work yourself is a great way to cut out some of the extra fees. Pack up your own belongings and disassemble your own furniture and you will be able to save money.

If you need any type of specific packing, handling or transportation needs this will also cost extra. This includes things like crating, the exclusive use of specific vehicles or even split pick up delivery.

In some cases, circumstances may arise that call for the need of a special service. For example, poor access to the pick up or drop off location often leads to extra fees.

If you choose a moving company that offers storage that too will cost you extra as will any idle time the movers spend waiting for you to be ready for the move.

Timing of the move

The time of year in which you are moving can also seriously affect your final moving costs.

Moving rates are higher in the summer months as this is their busiest time. If you want to lower your moving costs then consider moving during the off season which is anytime from September to mid-May. This adds a level of convenience to everything due to the fact that the movers will be more available to you and your timeframe during the off season.

It is also important to note that moving rates are higher on national holidays and on the first and last day of the month. To save money schedule your move for the second half of the month. This will ensure the movers are available on your time frame and that the costs will be as low as possible.

The exact day of the week you move can also affect the overall cost. Weekends are the busiest and the most expensive days of the week to move. If you can, try to plan your move for a Tuesday as this is the least busy day of the week.

Moving insurance

Movers generally offer basic liability coverage free but this basic coverage is likely not enough if you are moving expensive items or ones of high sentimental value. If you want full protection you will have to pay more adding to your over all moving costs.

There are many factors that can affect your moving estimate and getting to know what these are will help you plan the most affordable move.

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